The Benefits of Installing an Awning

The many advantages of having an Awning for your Home or Business

Awnings can offer many advantages to a home or business owner. An awning is a unique structure that can be added to your home or commercial building, which will work to provide shade and covering of an outdoor patio area. There are many types of awnings, ranging from its installation, material and design. The difference in the type of awning depends on the purpose and setting of the awning. 
Home Awnings (Retractable)

Homeowners typically choose a retractable awning because they are versatile. The technology of home awnings has advanced significantly over the years. Many awnings operate remotely and can even shift directions to create more or less shade. They can also be removed when desired or needed, which is great in the colder seasons with snow and ice. Of course, then you will have to consider awning storage. 

Fixed Awnings

Commercial buildings usually have fixed awnings, which remain in place and are built to withstand all weather conditions. Many businesses use them to add signage, style and design to the external area of the building, which draws and attracts customers inside. We could dive deeper into the various types of awning structures on the market today, but for now we will focus more on the functionality and advantages of an awning.

Protect Against the Rain 
Awnings will keep you and your patio dry from the rain. So when a summer storm comes rolling in faster than you can pack up the potato salad and hot dogs, an awning has you covered, literally. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about covering all your expensive patio furniture. Or you could choose to utilize your awning as a guaranteed place to keep outdoor items dry, like a stroller or a bicycle. Whatever the reason may be, protection from the rain is one hundred percent a perk an awning can offer. 

Block the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays 
Looking for some prime shade real estate? An awning will deliver valuable shade that can allow for more relaxation and time spent outdoors without absorbing harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. A main purpose of an awning is to provide shade and protection from the sun. Thus, keeping you and your loved ones safe from sunlight and avoiding any sunburn, a painful result of too much sunlight. The sun can also cause damage to patio furniture, and heat the deck flooring to a point of making it impossible to walk without shoes. The sun is a powerful source of heat, but an awning will supply the perfect coverage for you and your family. 

Keep Your Patio Cool and Cleaner
As previously mentioned, an awning will keep you and your patio cooler while enjoying the outdoors. So on those hot summer days, an awning will provide you with automatic  shade and relaxation. It will also act as a barrier to pollen, fallen leaves, twigs, and bird droppings. So this will help preserve your deck and save you time spent sweeping and cleaning. Of course, this means the awning requires proper cleaning and maintenance. Something a local company will likely specialize in, like Venango Awning.

Reduce Energy Costs
Awnings can actually save a homeowner hundreds of dollars each year by shading a home or building from sunlight and reducing solar heat gain. A home or building is likely to stay cooler with awnings installed near windows or doors. This will decrease the energy used to cool your home, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. All things that benefit you, your home and the environment! 

Increased Home Value and Lifestyle 
Awnings can add a wonderful touch to any home or building. They are stylishly functional at providing a shaded and covered area. An awning will enhance your home with an expanded outdoor living space to enjoy company. They are relatively low cost, customizable and easy to care for!

Awnings are a reasonable and affordable option to adding shade to your home. People often choose to install an awning over their back deck or backyard area to create a cool and peaceful setting for friends and family to enjoy. Businesses may install awnings to commercial buildings to reduce energy costs and add signage or design. If you are searching for a high quality awning experience, look no further than Venango Awning, a top Pittsburg awning supplier, storer, installer and more! Give us a call today!

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