Awning Owner's Guide

Washing & Storing Awning

Awnings can be washed every year with a light touch and with very mild detergent.

If awnings have been neglected, they can be washed more vigorously as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

Washing awnings will likely not void the fabric warranty unless the manufacturer’s instructions are not followed. Abusive methods or chemicals can void a warranty.

If an awning has been neglected or if it is in an environment where it gets very dirty, each cleaning will likely only remove 60-80% of the dirt or organic residue.


Awnings can experience deterioration of their stitching after 8-10 years. It depends on location, sun exposure, care during washing, and how tight it is pulled when attaching on the frame each year. When we take down your awning and see evidence of weakening stitches, we make recommendations for maintenance and provide estimated costs for repair.

Sometimes awning stitching can look good when taken down in the fall or when put up in the spring, but fail when the fabric is stretched onto the frame. When this happens, we advise the owner and suggest a remedy, how critical it is, and when it should be done.


Most acrylic fabrics used in residential and commercial applications have a 10 year warranty with limitations in year 9 and 10. However, most of these fabrics are useful for 10-15 years if cared for and with a little maintenance along the way.

Venango Awning represents several fabric manufacturers that offer various styles and function benefits.