Benefits of Window Awnings For Your Home 

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If you’re looking for an energy-efficient solution, window awnings are an excellent way to improve the ventilation and temperatures of your home without racking those electric bills. These simple window installments are among the most cost-effective ways to curb heat in the coming months or years.

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What Are Window Awnings?

Window awnings are common in storefronts, offices, and restaurants. These are fixtures attached over a window that functions as a mini roof. They help screen excessive sunlight and other elements that could damage the surrounding area.

These protective layers are traditionally made from canvas or metal sheets, and angled over windows to provide shade. However, you can now find awnings of various sizes and materials suitable for your home’s build and aesthetic.

What Are the Benefits of Window Awnings?

1. Home Temperature Regulation

One of the most obvious advantages of having window awnings is improved home temperature regulation. Constant HVAC and fan use during summer months can be costly.

Windows welcome heat from the sun which can affect your home’s indoor temperature. Window awnings will protect your house from the sun’s full force, reducing UV and heat that comes into contact with the glass and frame.

Overall, these practical installments can cool up to 15 degrees, reducing sunlight heat by 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows.

Window awnings also offer added protection in winter weather preventing drafts and leaks from seeping into the frame, decreasing the energy needed to keep your home warm.

A Professional Awning Manufacturers Association survey of 50 states found that awnings could save considerable energy costs for homeowners. Depending on where you live and the type of awnings installed, you can save between $81 to $200 annually.

2. Improved Aesthetics

Window awnings can also become a stylish addition to your home’s aesthetics.

Unlike traditional iterations, modern awnings have evolved, incorporating more advanced fabrics, lighter metals, and convenient automated technologies. Manufacturers can now tailor a design to match your preference, too. 

Whether you prefer a more traditional touch or embrace minimalist, modern designs, there are plenty of custom options for you and your home.

You may choose materials based on your location. If you live in areas with hot climates, a translucent fiberglass awning is a superb option as it won’t repaint. 

Aesthetic-wise, it also allows for more natural light in your living space—all while still protecting your indoors from external elements.

An acrylic awning is another wonderful option for its durability against moisture. They don’t fade like fabrics and repel water more effectively than other materials.

For cooler climates, you might prefer vinyl for window awnings. While a type of plastic, vinyl sheets permit more natural light and are potentially more affordable than acrylic or fiberglass.

3. Ventilation & Privacy

Proper ventilation is crucial in the rainy season to avoid moisture buildup, which causes mold and mildew to infest.

This is where window awnings become invaluable. The added layer of protection allows you to safely leave your windows ajar to improve ventilation while preventing rainwater from pouring in simultaneously.

Window awnings are a great option for ventilation without compromising privacy, too, especially if you live in a close-knit neighborhood with too many prying eyes.

Installing a window awning extending over the frame is a superb way to maintain your privacy.

4. Sheltered & Shaded Living Area

Another common issue for sunlit rooms is damaged furniture and sunburnt flora. And with record-breaking heat hitting many parts of the globe, we’re sure you don’t want full sunlight hitting your delicate furniture and plants.

UV rays can damage your interior walls and floors. Wood and plastic may even melt when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

Installing window awnings is a great investment for protecting the valuables inside your home. By providing shade in your living area, you can avoid costly restorations or replacements and spend your buck on other essential projects.

Some window awning designs can be converted into an extended living area. So, if you enjoy outdoor meals on your patio, having one or two of these installments is a must.

5. Weather Resistant

Window frames made from moisture-sensitive materials, such as wood and aluminum are especially at risk of weather damage.

By directing wind, snow, and rain away from your windows and the surrounding materials, awnings can be a valuable ally to keeping their structures intact. 

One of the ways an awning does this is by shielding your window sealants and fittings from moisture. It extends the lifespan of your windows, saving costly repairs. 

Installing these protective contraptions over your windows can help manage runoff and protect the building from water damage.

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Do Window Awnings Require Expensive Maintenance?

As with most products, maintenance cost depends on the awning material you want installed.

For example, window awnings with aluminum frames require a regular cleaning routine and tools that wouldn’t corrode or compromise the metal. 

Similarly, awnings that use wood material need extra attention to prevent warping or rotting. Repainting aluminum and wood is also necessary to keep them in top shape.

However, window awnings only need an occasional removal of debris and dirt collected on their sheets and frames.

You won’t need expensive cleaning tools. A soft sponge, a soft-bristled brush, and warm water with mild detergent mixed. Drying the awnings after every cleaning is crucial to prevent moisture from damaging the materials.

Don’t Hesitate, Call Us!

Window awnings aren’t simply trendy additions that some quirky people add to their homes. They’re also functional protective layers against harmful UV, rainwater, and other elements that can cause costly damage to your property. 

But of course, they can be stylish, too!

If you’re considering giving your home a well-deserved protective upgrade, don’t hesitate to call Venango Awning. We provide fade, stain, water, and mold-resistant awnings and services to give your home the best protection it needs.

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